Polysulphate in prime position in Proceedings

11 January 2018

Detailed research revealing the performance of Polysulphate™ is now available in the Proceedings from the 18th International Plant Nutrition Colloquium (IPNC) held in Denmark last year.

Seven decades of interest in polyhalite

For more than seventy years, since its beginning in the early 1950’s, IPNC is the most important international meeting on fundamental and applied plant nutrition. At this year’s event, held in Copenhagen, the assembled audience from the fields of plant mineral nutrition, plant molecular biology, plant genetics, agronomy, horticulture, ecology, environmental sciences and fertilizer use and production heard first-hand from researchers about their studies of Polysulphate.

Feeding the demand for evidence on balanced fertilization

Five of the papers available in the Proceedings feature research on the mineral polyhalite or Polysulphate with results from Israel, Brazil, Argentina and China.

Supported by a blend of 21 different companies, these presentations at the IPNC event clearly signposted the role that Polysulphate has to play in sustainable and cost-effective fertilization strategies around the world.

Examine the evidence in the Proceedings Book – (Polysulphate extracts, or full publication).