Mini Granular Polysulphate to make a massive difference

7 March 2017

The latest Polysulphate product we bring to market is our new Mini Granular Polysulphate. Formulated into smaller granules (1-2mm in size) it is ideal for protected cropping in greenhouses and horticulture.

Packed with Polysulphate potential

All the features of this new and small scale version of our 4-in1 fertilizer from ICL are outlined in our new Mini Granular Polysulphate leaflet (also in Chinese). However, in summary, the overall aim is to help the practical application of Polysulphate in a very important sector where the growing conditions have to be micro-managed for perfection: greenhouses and horticulture.

Mini granules have big advantages

Growers who use the new granule find that it is easily direct-applied in field or under cover. The product is good for manual or mechanical spreading. It is suitable for mixing with other similar size fertilizers and is ideal for applying in greenhouse seedbeds or placed along planting lines

All this and more

In addition to all these practical advantages, our new mini granules have all the positive features of the larger size granules in the Polysulphate range. These beneficial characteristics are as relevant to growers producing crops in protected environments as they are to other field scale crops. Extending these benefits to another important sector is a priority for us.