Making an impression on air and on the ground

12 January 2017

Making an impression on air and on the ground

An extended report about Polysulphate has been broadcast on Chinese television. It features Hillel Magen, VP Agronomy, ICL Fertilizers, talking at our Polysulphate stand at the fertilizer exhibition held in Nanjing. The interesting feature includes detailed explanation of the nature of Polysulphate and its relevance to Chinese agriculture.

Exhibiting Polysulphate’s power and potential

Interest in Polysulphate in China is growing fast. Crowds of farmers, advisors, journalists and researchers were able to get the story of Polysulphate firsthand at our stand at the China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Exhibition, held in the city of Nanjing, in Jiangsu, the coastal Chinese province north of Shanghai.

Sharing the key messages

Over a period of three days, from the 4th to 6th November 2016, we shared the science as well as the practical application of our Polysulphate fertilizer. In the broadcast on Chinese television Hillel Magen explains the main messages. “Polysulphate is a unique fertilizer with four key crop nutrients. It is applicable to any crop. We have the science to underpin our recommendations of how much to apply and the difference that it makes to yield and quality.”

Seeing - and hearing - is believing

The three minute feature broadcast on Chinese television recently shows footage of how interested the many visitors to our stand were to see Polysulphate for themselves, to read and hear about the recommendations and potential gains and to take away samples and supporting literature.

To see the television report for yourself you can watch it on our Polysulphate channel on YouTube.