Family of Polysulphate Fertilizers

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Meet our family of Polysulphate fertilizers

We have designed our Polysulphate® family of products to help more farmers achieve balanced plant nutrition whichever crop they grow, whatever the soil type they have and wherever in the world they farm.

Backed by ICL technical support and advice, our fertilizer family is providing popular, practical and effective alternatives to conventional fertilizer regimes.

We have combined our deep knowledge of what crops need with our understanding of the practicalities of farming to develop fertilizers that are easy to use, provide prolonged nutrient availability from planting to harvest - and often in just one application.

Choose from our family of fertilizers for the product to precisely deliver the nutrition your crop needs.

Polysulphate fertilizer

Polysulphate® fertilizer is the foundation of our fertilizer family. It is a multi-nutrient, natural fertilizer mined and produced in the UK exclusively by ICL. It supplies four plant nutrients: sulfur (S), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca). These nutrients all contribute to optimum plant performance. It is a popular choice on its own and is now available combined with other nutrients as other products in our fertilizer family.

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Polysulphate Premium

Polysulphate Premium is derived from polyhalite, a naturally-occurring mineral, which contains elements essential to high-performance plant growth and function.

The major difference between Polysulphate Premium and the other members of the Polysulphate family is its appearance. Polysulphate Premium is shaped in beautiful uniform spheres. Being round in shape, smooth and robust, it flows well, dusts less, spreads further and more consistently.

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ICL PotashpluS

ICL PotashpluS is a new granular fertilizer formulated using a combination of potash and PolysulphateICL PotashpluS® is a new granular member of our fertilizer family. It is formulated using a combination of potash (MOP, KCl) and Polysulphate. Primarily a potash and sulphate fertilizer, PotashpluS also contains essential magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca), and supplies all potassium (K) and sulfur (S) crop requirements in a single application for prolonged availability throughout the growing season.

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ICL PKpluS® is whole new generation of PK (phosphorus and potassium) granular fertilizers containing Polysulphate. These fertilizers are balanced formulations of P and K nutrients without nitrogen (N), but with a wide range of secondary elements, such as sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca). Available in lots of variations, ICL PKpluS is taking precision crop nutrition to whole new level.

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