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ICL PKpluS® is a new generation of PK (phosphorus and potassium) granular fertilizers containing Polysulphate. These fertilizers are balanced formulations of P and K nutrients without nitrogen (N), but with a wide range of secondary elements, such as sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca).

We have developed the ICL PKpluS collection in response to rising demand for Mg and Ca, and growing awareness of importance of S. These products in our family of fertilizers give farmers the opportunity to adopt new strategies to achieve balanced fertilization.

A considerable proportion of the K content is in sulphate (SO4) form (20–35%), which allows flexible use in many crops by reducing the chloride input.

ICL PKpluS is produced at ICL plants in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Principle advantages of ICL PKpluS include:

  • available in a variety of formulations
  • apply P and K, along with S, Mg and Ca in a single application
  • allows P and K to be separated from N application, thus N can be applied after germination at the right time for the crop, in the right form, and in the right weather conditions, avoiding N overdosing or leaching. Use ICL PKpluS fertilizer for higher N use efficiency without waste and unnecessary cost to farmers' businesses or the environment
  • applied before planting to provide a basic, balanced nutrient supply throughout the crop growth cycle. In addition, PK fertilizers deliver comprehensive nutrition for N-fixing legumes (soybean, peas, alfalfa, etc.) where no N fertilization is needed
  • builds stable and balanced level of nutrients in the soil. It is the ideal solution when straw or crop residues are removed, or where N use is restricted by nitrate-vulnerable zone rulings
  • secondary nutrients (S, Ca, and Mg) present in ICL PKpluS reduce the risk of soil deficiencies in these key nutrients and help to ensure higher crop yield and quality

ICL PKpluS collection of fertilizers are available in a variety of formulations:

  1. High P: for best plant establishment and/or for application in soils with low P status;
  2. Balanced P and K: for balanced and efficient supply and/or for application in soils with low P and K status;
  3. High K: for extra crop quality and/or for application in soils with low K status.

Recommended application rates are based on the requirements of the crop and the site-specific supply of the soil.

* Tailor-made ICL PKpluS fertilizers with additional micronutrients are available on request