Issue 2 2019
Being kind to plants and to our planet
Ask people if they care for the environment and the future of planet earth and the answer, from most, is a resounding ‘yes’. At home and at work we’ve become accustomed to considering how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, for example.

In life and in business we care about reducing fossil fuel-generated energy consumption, using more renewable energy, and safeguarding or increasing the natural vegetation that absorbs or sequesters some of the carbon dioxide produced by mankind’s life on earth. Our business is to support farming, to provide crop nutrition products that help farmers produce the food the world needs. So if a farmer wants to choose a low carbon footprint fertilizer, what advice can we give? The answer is ‘choose Polysulphate’ because a recent study has shown, compared with other fertilizers, that Polysulphate has the lowest carbon footprint.

We had a hunch that our Polysulphate has environmentally-friendly credentials. We mine, crush and screen Polysulphate without any further energy-intensive chemical processes. However we needed more than a hunch. We needed expert input to do the calculations and count up the carbon produced in producing Polysulphate.

Waste and sustainability experts Filkin and Co measure carbon footprint as an estimated value of the product’s global warming potential. They looked carefully at our production and for Polysulphate they calculated the carbon footprint to be 0.06 kg CO2 e per kilo of product. In comparison, the global warming potential they calculated for a kilo of ammonium nitrate is almost 1.2 kg CO2 e – or twenty times higher.
We are delighted with the result and invite you to share it. However the satisfaction is not just that we know our Polysulphate has the lowest carbon footprint. The real joy is that we can advise our farmer customers that through choosing and using Polysulphate fertilizer they are taking good care of their crops and their nutritional needs, but also they are contributing to reducing the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

In simple, the message is this: choose and use Polysulphate to be kind to plants and to our planet!

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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate