Issue 9 2020
An end and a beginning
It’s not unusual for many of us to experience challenges in our professional and personal lives. However, in 2020 many of us across the world faced the same challenge, often at the same time. Recognizing the loss, the cost and disruption from COVID 19, as productive professionals it pays to look for the positives or what, if anything, we have gained in this unusual year.

Remote but closer

We pride ourselves on the close working relationships we maintain with colleagues and customers. The meaningful conversations and explanations about using Polysulphate are at the very heart of what we do.

2020 has been the year to maintain and develop these relationships despite the strain of periods of not being able to meet and talk in person. We’ve made more phone calls, held more remote meetings, attended and shared more seminars and, thanks to all your efforts, it’s worked.
Watch the movie 'Agriculture does not stop'
Farmers across Europe took out their phones and filmed their message: no matter what, “agriculture does not stop”. Despite all the difficulties from the COVID-19 pandemic - they are still planting, pruning and fertilizing, still nurturing crops and animals, still harvesting fruits and vegetables. Farmers’ work ensures supply of food does not stop. April 2020.
Socially distant but productive as ever

The slogan #AgricultureDoesNotStop was the theme for many great films that reassured consumers and wider society that work in fields to produce food crops carried on. On our part, our communications with customers did not stop either. Screen time increased, we have seen record engagement with our social media presence and as many virtual visitors to our online trade presence at events and demonstrations than we might have met face to face.
Agriculture doesn't stop. ICL FertilizerpluS Brazil team in an online webinar with Fertilizantes Tocantins, getting the latest updates in soil fertility management & nutrition of soybean, sugar cane, coffee, fruits and oil palm. May 2020.
Taking information & inspiration to where it’s most needed

We thank you for all the conversations you have had about how to get and apply Polysulphate on a wider range of crops than ever. In India, Brazil, Tanzania and France we have been reminded of the effectiveness of running fertilizer demonstration plots side by side with farmers’ crops. We’ve seen how these examples of rice, sugar cane, tomatoes and potatoes and more are enabling the response to adequate and prolonged nutrition to be seen over time.
Agriculture doesn't stop. ICL FertilizerpluS France agronomists at work in a potato trial near Arras in northern France, comparing benefits of PotashpluS to regular potash on variety Challenger. June 2020.
Crop-focused farmer field days have been another real success when COVID restrictions lifted. For example, in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Colombia we’ve seen how events hosted by farmers, visited by farmers and with experts on hand to trouble shoot any agronomy issues raised have signposted the benefits of a balanced fertilizer strategy with Polysulphate in boosting crop, quality and shelf life. To back this up, our multi-lingual literature library online is bigger than ever.
Agriculture doesn't stop. The new FertilizerpluS info leaflets for the UK are ready. September 2020.
Polysulphate: a real solution to a major problem

Concerns on how best to combat the COVID pandemic are not the only worries we all share. The accelerating climate crisis poses a threat to the productivity and businesses of many of our farming customers. It is heartening to remember, and to explain widely something that was confirmed again this year; that Polysulphate is a low carbon footprint fertilizer when compared to the alternatives. Also, it helps the nutrient use efficiency of the crop for other nutrition inputs so improves the environmental performance of farming.

Together, with resilience and determination, we have all done our best to weather the storms of this year. We look forward to beginning the New Year and working with the benefit of all we have learned, to do even more Polysulphate trials, learning materials and activities.
With best wishes for 2021 to one and all
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate