Issue 3 2020
Compendium published of field trials of benefits of Polysulphate fertilizer
One-stop shop. Convenient. At your fingertips, anytime. Sounds like a great combination? It is. And it’s exactly how we describe our new Compendium of FertilizerpluS Field Trials.

Keeping you in touch with the latest news from around the farming world of trials starting and evidence gathered is, of course, as important to us as it is to you. We delight in bringing you photo news snap shots from a huge range of countries showing crops going in or coming out, being applied with our Polysulphate, PKpluS or PotashpluS fertilizer products or being measured to reveal how the plants respond to balanced nutrition. We will continue to do that. But there comes a time when we need to bring together all that weight of evidence we have gathered. That time is now so that’s exactly what we have done.

The work of more than 60 field trials are summarized in the new 76-page compendium. Let’s sprinkle in some more facts: 17 countries from Argentina to Vietnam and 22 crops from banana to wheat. But it’s not just about numbers. It’s about ease of use too.

Every field trial in the compendium is presented in the same easy-on-the-eye way. This means that, at a glance, you can quickly see where each trial was done, what soil type and crop, the trial treatments and results. That is a good result in itself. However, the overwhelmingly impressive result is the positive benefits of balanced nutrition from our fertilizers on the quantity and quality of crops.

You will probably pick out your own highlight to share. Will it be the ten trials proving a 50% yield increase? The incredible lift in pomegranate productivity in China or amazing yield boost to strawberries in Colombia? Perhaps you will use the steady incremental benefits shown to crops and farmers across continents. You may like to pick out the return on investment assessed in some of the trials, comparing the benefits of applying our Polysulphate or PotashpluS with farmers’ usual practice, controls or other treatments.

So now it’s over to you. It’s never been more important to share useful information to help improve farmers’ fertilizer strategies. And we are always happy to produce what we can to help you with that crucial task, by making it quicker and easier to find what you need. To browse, to share or refer others to, our new Compendium of FertilizerpluS Field Trials is always on hand and ready to help.
Polysulphate trials around the globe. The completed trials are compiled in the "Polysulphate compendium".
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate