Issue 3 2019
Leading better fertilizer practice in China

While together we face all kinds of problems in this the 21st century there is one key trend that is wonderful to witness: the growing realization of the value of precise, balanced and targeted fertilization of crops. One indicator of this trend is the Potash and Polyhalite Symposium in China later this year.

Kicking the habit of wasting fertilizer

In China, fertilizer wastage – particularly of nitrogen – and the negative financial and environmental consequences of over application, is being brought under control. Chinese authorities and farmers are keen to find nutrition strategies that increase nitrogen use efficiency as well as provide essential K, S, Mg and Ca.

Fertility problem: Polysulphate solution

Enter Polysulphate! The 13th IPI-CAU-ISASS International Symposium on "Potash and Polyhalite: Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium and Calcium for Efficient Balanced Plant Nutrition" 6th-8th November 2019 has a number of themes. These include Polysulphate as a multi-nutrient fertilizer and the beneficial effects it brings to yield and quality for a range of crops through, amongst other nutrition pathways, increasing nitrogen use efficiency.

Building and sharing international consensus on best fertilizer practice

We are delighted that a great line-up of international experts and fertilizer advisors – from USA, UK, Brazil, Israel, Vietnam and India – will join Chinese academics and nutrition specialists at the Symposium. They will signpost the science, the methods and crop nutrition we process with the polyhalite we mine to help China’s farmers get the best from their crops and their businesses.

No need to miss out

Not being there in person at the event in November does not mean that you will not be able to benefit from the proceedings. The International Potash Institute (IPI) will be disseminating what is shared and shown at the Symposium. Through our own reporting on social media and through our website and the missive we will bring you the highlights.

There is certainly a lot to learn and admire about Chinese agriculture. Rapid agricultural development in China has resulted in great strides in productivity on an enormous scale. Now the momentum continues but with highly effective fertilizer use as a core strategy and an opportunity for Polysulphate to be central to nutrient planning. The Symposium is another step towards sustainable farming: and that’s something for us all to be inspired by.

The beautiful Stone Forest, a notable set of limestone formations located near Kunming in Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China.
Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate