Introducing Polysulphate Premium

Advantages of Polysulphate Premium

For direct application and bulk blending

Ideal for all crops and soil types

Fully soluble, with all nutrients available for plant uptake

The low chloride content makes it ideal for chloride-sensitive crops

Low carbon footprint fertilizer, helps growers achieve carbon targets

Increases yields and improves crop health and vigour


What’s in Polysulphate Premium?

Polysulphate Premium is derived from polyhalite, a naturally-occurring mineral, which contains elements essential to high-performance plant growth and function: K2Ca2Mg(SO4)4 • 2H2O

45.6% SO3 (18.2% S) balances crop’s need for S and improves efficacy of other nutrients (e.g. N and P)

13% K2O (10.7% K) as potassium sulphate, vital for improved crop health

5.6% MgO (3.4% Mg) as magnesium sulphate, essential for photosynthesis

16.4% CaO (11.8% Ca) as calcium sulphate, crucial for cell division and strong cell walls

Polysulphate Premium brings the advantages of robust, spherical, broadspreading, easily-blended and natural fertilizer to fields all over the world.

It’s time to get round to using Polysulphate Premium

  • Uniform, robust spheres of natural, multi-nutrient fertilizer
  • Smooth surface protects from abrasion, humidity or damage
  • Spherical shape gives consistent flow rate
  • Consistent broad spread during application
  • Easily blended with other fertilizer materials
  • Attractive appearance in blends with other granulated fertilizer ingredients


“Polysulphate Premium gives me the all-round performance I need to get my crops off to a good start and it keeps them precisely nourished through to harvest”