Time to talk tomatoes

15 March 2021

Time to talk tomatoes

Every crop has its turn in the spotlight. This week it’s time for tomatoes. With the Global Tomato Congress taking place – virtually for the first time – we are joining in to demonstrate how Polysulphate can help optimize the crop’s nutrition and boost both yield and quality.

Fresh thinking needed on nutrition

The benefits of a perfectly balanced fertilizer strategy are particularly evident in the fresh tomato sector. With our natural, multi-nutrient polyhalite mineral fertilizer, Polysulphate, growers have an easily absorbed, prolonged source of essential nutrients S, K, Ca and Mg. In our experiments archive we have evidence from trials in countries including Colombia, Israel and China of the benefits of using Polysulphate with significant increases in tomato yield (up to 14%) recorded, in addition to a reduction in diseases.

Tomato team effort

Alongside Polysulphate, there are four other premium products from ICL IAS that are being promoted at the Global Tomato Congress to help unleash the yield and quality potential of tomatoes.

Agromaster controlled release fertilizer delivers continuous nutrition for soil grown tomatoes. Nutrient losses by leaching, volatilization and denitrification are reduced by our advance coating technology. The foliar fertilizer Agroleaf improves plant metabolism, increases plant resistance, grows greener foliage and creates stronger roots.

For growers using fertigation for their tomatoes, there is Solinure which enhances growing and ripening in winter production through its N, P and K from the cleanest raw materials. Irrigation can be made more effective and costs can be minimized with use of our H2Flo and its special surfactant blend.

Prime fruit possible with Polysulphate

Global demand for tomatoes is on the up. That’s why, from whatever they grow, producers’ attention is focussed on adjusting every aspect of cultivation to maximize productivity and quality.

Demand from tomato growers for Polysulphate is on the up too, and we are glad that even more producers will hear about the benefits thanks to ICL IAS sponsorship of the Global Tomato Congress.

This event rightly spotlights so many aspects of the production of fresh tomatoes. We are especially glad that some of the light will be shining on the role of optimized crop nutrition with Polysulphate for tomatoes that are, for so many of us around the world, the delicious and nutritious addition to many a meal.