The benefits of Polysulphate from a champion farmer

25 September 2019

Learn about the benefits of Polysulphate from a champion farmer 

Champion farmer brothers, Mauricio and Eduardo De Bortolli, farm over 10,000 hectares in Brazil, and use Polysulphate to help achieve their record yields.The champion yield of soybean grown by a Brazilian farmer in 2019 was achieved by the use of Polysulphate and other yield-building strategies. 

Never settling for average yield

The soy yield competition held in Brazil is open to competitor farmers who want to achieve much more of their soy crop’s yield potential.

The average yield of soybean in Brazil 2018/19 was 3.21 t/ha. In Rio Grande do Sul state, where the winning farmer Mauricio De Bortolli farms over 10,000 hectares with his brother Eduardo, the average was slightly better at 3.32 t/ha. But Mr De Bortolli achieved much higher than that across his whole farm, at 4.35 t/ha. His champion yield, judged by the Brazil Soybean Strategic Committee (CESB) as the highest of over 860 other soybean farms in the competition, was achieved in one particular area of their farm reaching an incredible 7.43 t/ha, well over double the national average.

Extra yield from extra effort and Polysulphate

Building soil health for optimum crop nutrition is an ongoing and complex management task that is taken very seriously. Practical measures Mr De Bortolli uses include applying limestone for several years in order to increase fertility at depth; using green manures to build organic matter; careful crop rotation and choosing the crop variety to perfectly match the soil type and anticipated climate.

The next phase of crop nutrition is equally precise. Pre-planting, Mauricio applied a broadcast fertilizer blend of 30% Polysulphate with 70% KCl at a rate of 260 kg/ha.

At planting more nutrition was applied, in the furrows, and during crop growth each plant received micronutrients.

Sharing the benefits of using Polysulphate

The results show not only the contribution that multi-nutrient Polysulphate can make but also the value of using precise and balanced crop nutrition strategically as part of contemporary integrated farm management. Mauricio and Eduardo De Bortolli have already begun the process of sharing the details of their agronomy and choice of Polysulphate in order to help other soybean farmers to improve on their yields.