Fruits of ICL China labor is shared knowledge of fruit crop nutrition

9 December 2020

Fruits of ICL China labor is shared knowledge of fruit crop nutrition

ICL agronomists in China are taking the message of the importance of balanced nutrition to grower gatherings held beneath fruit trees and grape vines.

Producing less is more reason to look at nutrient supply

Productivity – yield and quality – of fruits such as mangoes and table grapes is too often less than optimal on many Chinese fruit farms in Guangxi province, according to ICL China Agronomist Guohua Li. In particular, he observes, many farmers ignore the role of medium and micronutrients. Optimizing nutrition to fruit crops can easily and effectively alleviate deficiencies and help to achieve yield potential.

Conducive learning location

Learning is all the more likely when it is enjoyable. For two economically important fruits – mango and table grapes – the ICL team and local fertilizer dealers took great care to choose host fruit farms where there were interesting fertilizer lessons to learn from. They designed a fertilizer day around key messages and built in plenty of time for invited growers to ask their own crop nutrition questions of local specialist advisors.

Voices of experience

One of the most valued elements of the successful field days held recently was the experience and observations shared by the host farmers. They were able to share firsthand testimony on the benefits of the balanced nutrition using Polysulphate fertilizer products, particularly for the supply of adequate quantities of calcium and magnesium. Farmer to farmer, the quality of growth, robust tree and vine health and difference in size, flavor and shelf life of mangoes and grapes was described, shown and tasted.

Digital delivery to follow

The reporting of the field days shows many of the growers taking photos and film of what they saw and learned. Farmers’ own records help to ensure that the detail of the messages on when and how much Polysulphate products to apply are remembered accurately, and can be shown to family members, friends, or work colleagues involved in their fruit farming. The ICL organizers also helped a local film crew to capture the day and ensures that the lessons and enthusiasm for balanced crop nutrition, the roots of better productivity and profitability, is shared even wider.