Season’s Greetings from the Polysulphate team

21 December 2017

As we all look forward to 2018 the team here at Polysulphate would like to wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2017 has been a great year for Polysulphate with many things to celebrate. Here are just a few of our highlights.

Seeing the benefits of Polysulphate fertilizer

2017 has been a tremendous year for Polysulphate in words and pictures. A whole range of key articles, which measure and demonstrate the benefits of Polysulphate for a wide range of crops, have been published in scientific journals.

We have also added a collection of picture galleries to the Polysulphate website to clearly illustrate the beneficial effect of Polysulphate fertiliser on crops.

Meeting the growing demand

Another big achievement during 2017 was the one-millionth tonne of Polyhalite being brought up to the surface at Boulby Mine in the UK. This was thanks to the whole mining team, who had to overcome many challenges to make this happen. The increased production is helping to meet the growing international demand for Polysulphate.

Calculating your needs

Also new for 2017 is a digital tool for calculating Polysulphate use. We launched our new Polysul-fit Polysulphate calculator app for Apple and Android devices. Our app works out the correct fertilizer application rate for Polysulphate for a wide range of crops, avoiding waste and bringing the maximum benefit.

Organic and Natural: expanding our reach

The number of countries where Polysulphate is approved for use in organic agriculture has continued to grow, with the Netherlands giving approval in 2017. Polysulphate is a natural product with great benefits for crops.

These are just a handful of our highlights from 2017. You can find more on the Polysulphate website. We now look forward to what 2018 can bring for this fertilizer, and for our customers.

We wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.