Polysulphate takes off across the tip of the African continent

2 August 2021

Polysulphate takes off across the tip of the African continent

Testimonials from straight-talking advisors and farmers in fields quickly capture the interest of fellow growers. So, we are delighted that recent practical experience of the benefits of Polysulphate in Southern Africa is making farming headlines across the region.

Fundamental farming issues recognized

Every area has its agronomic challenges, but the farmland covered by South African independent crop consulting company, Agropedo, has particular problems. Low organic matter, highly weathered and sandy soils are common features, according to senior agronomist David Hamman. “Crop nutrition is hampered by low cation (Ca, Mg and K) concentrations and the leachability of sulphate sulphur.”

Easy solution for common problem

Knowing the science behind the agronomic problems faced in fields meant that when David Hamman heard about Polysulphate he knew he had found the natural chemistry for the perfect solution.

“At Agropedo, we specialize in using science and information for precision farming practices. I originally trialed Polysulphate as a sulphate source due to its characteristic of gradually being released, or available, to the plant over a prolonged period. Also, this means there is lower leachability, as well as no soil acidification compared with other sulphate sources. Polysulphate also works well as a calcium source for crops with high calcium requirements and soils with low calcium level.”

Quick, good results

Senior agronomist David Hamman explains how Polysulphate is being taken up across the tip of the African continentIt may be a long distance from the source of Polysulphate, the ICL Boulby mine in the UK – the first and only to source natural multi-nutrient polyhalite – to South Africa. However, it took a very short time for the difference it makes to crops to be seen. “I am seeing healthier plants, better yields and increased shelf life”, describes Mr. Hamman. “This, of course, leads to better financial returns.”

By delivering four key nutrients (sulphur, potassium, calcium, and magnesium) in one application, the prolonged availability of these essential elements to the plant unlocks its genetic potential and crop health, yield and quality is enhanced.

Good agronomic news travels fast

Such positive experience with Polysulphate is already encouraging other farmers to give it a try. Partnerships with our fertilizer retailers in South Africa – Landkem, Nitrophoska and Ekor – are part of our commitment to fulfilling farmers’ orders from across the region. Growers are hearing the news of this fertilizer’s availability – and potential – from numerous sources. But, as David Hamman concludes, it is seeing the benefits that is so convincing. “To other farmers and advisors, my message is to trial Polysulphate for themselves.”