Seeing is believing: the Polysulphate Story is now in film

9 April 2019

Seeing is believing: the Polysulphate Story now in film

We can take everyone interested in our unique, natural fertilizer on a remarkable journey with the release of our latest film, the Polysulphate Story.

Pictures say thousands of words

We say that our Polysulphate is made from the natural mineral, polyhalite, mined in the UK by ICL Boulby at the world's only polyhalite mine, 1200m under the North Sea. But it is seeing our team mining, processing and delivering a valued product to farmers that deepens understanding of what a remarkable process and product we have.

Team work with technology

See the how the geology team plan where to mine, experience the hard work at the mine face extracting the polyhalite, and processing it into Polysulphate ready for delivery to farmers around the world – by road, rail and sea. Meet the farmers who use Polysulphate™ and hear them explain the many benefits it brings to their crops.

Credit to those in the film

Our thanks to everyone at ICL Boulby and ICL Teesport for showing their part in the Polysulphate Story and to all the farmers in Brazil, China, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia and UK who explained the benefits of using Polysulphate in their fields.

Within the first week, our new film had over a thousand views and we are hearing lots of positive comments. Be sure to see the Polysulphate Story for yourself.