Polysulphate prominent in ICL 2019 CSR Report

25 August 2020

Polysulphate prominent in ICL 2019 CSR Report

The increasingly important role of Polysulphate to farmers around the world and to ICL is illustrated in the recently published ICL 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. 

Review of Polysulphate product expansion

Prominent in this latest report, are the progress and plans with Polysulphate. It explains how ICL continues to expand our family of Polysulphate-based products, which are much in demand. Crop productivity and crop quality are the most well-known major benefits of applying Polysulphate. Now, the added benefit of low carbon footprint is set to make Polysulphate a fertilizer of choice for those farmers carrying out carbon counting on their enterprise and wanting to lower their carbon footprint. 

Assisting decision-making for field benefit

Developing premium crop nutrition products is one part of ICL’s contribution to more sustainable agriculture described in the 2019 report. Another major, and agriculturally very significant, element of the latest ICL CSR report is the explanation of the expansion of ICL’s role in Ag Tech. This includes investing in digital technology for sustainable high-yield agriculture. It brings even closer the possibility of farmers being able to make informed decisions about what their crops need, which of our Polysulphate products supply that, source it and coordinate the correct infield application.

In a world of change and challenge, this ICL CSR Report summarizes how Polysulphate products are part of positive change for higher agricultural productivity in the hands of farmers determined to rise to the particular challenge of more sustainable agriculture.

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