Polysulphate picked for precision farming

29 August 2019

Prolonged nutrient release Polysulphate picked for precision farming

Smarter fertilizers are featured amongst the top ten technologies with potential to bring significant change to farming, societies and economies in a major international report now published.

Smarter fertilizer products for smarter farming

The World Economic Forum is respected for its annual insight reports signposting key emerging technologies and practices for positive change. For 2019, alongside innovations including bioplastics, collaborative telepresence and storage of renewable energy, is a focus on smarter fertilizers which have a prolonged nutrient release pattern for increased productivity and reduced environmental contamination.

The importance of Polysulphate’s prolonged nutrient release

Polysulphate is naturally ‘smart’. Manufactured from polyhalite – which is a natural, multi-nutrient mineral – Polysulphate slowly releases sulphur, calcium, magnesium and potassium in a way that much better matches the needs of the growing crop than alternatives.

Fertilizers with a slow release pattern, such as the Polysulphate family of products, have major advantages for crops, farmers and the wider environment. With the gentle, prolonged availability of key nutrients from Polysulphate in the soil, the crop gets what it needs for optimum growth and quality, farmers get better returns and water courses are protected from leaching of surplus nutrients that leave the root area before the plant needs them.

Our fertilizer family works together to help farmers and growers

Another member of the ICL Fertilizer family to which we belong, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, gets a special mention in the WEF report. This is for the way that it manufactures crop nutrition products or ‘tuned capsules’ with nutrient-release rates precisely formulated to suit the needs of specialty crops or growing conditions.

Polysulphate is taking its place as an alternative to inefficient and environmentally-damaging crop nutrition methods at a time when more farmers need to choose and use from available strategies and products that, according to WEF, are “more ecologically sound and increasingly smart”.

Read how important WEF sees prolonged or controlled-release fertilizers see the WEF Top 10 Emerging Technologies report.