Polysulphate on show in fertilizer collection catalogue

13 March 2018

A new catalogue showing the characteristics of Polysulphate™ as well as other fertilizers from the ICL Fertilizers Europe collection is now available.

Assisting fertilizer choice and understanding

Assisting the choice of the right fertilizer for the crop is a top priority. It is important that farmers and their advisors can see, at a glance, what the Polysulphate product is, what it provides, how it delivers crop nutrition effectively over time. When that is accompanied by farmer testimony, in this new fertilizer catalogue that is provided by German farmer and Polysulphate user Michael Zapf, then a farmer’s choice is a careful and considered one.

Polysulphate technology

Another useful download is the new brochure including the main features of PK premium granulated fertilizers with Polysulphate technology. This includes easy-to-understand advice on guide application rates and creating the right synergy between plant nutrients to achieve maximum growth.

The ICL Fertilizers Europe fertilizer product collection catalogue and brochure are available in the Polysulphate downloads section.