Polysulphate in the wider family of ICL Fertilizers

21 September 2018

Polysulphate in the wider family of ICL Fertilizers

Polysulphate and all the other fertilizers in the ICL Fertilizers range are all clearly profiled in a new brochure now available.

Our family grows so farmers’ productivity grows

We often refer to the family of Polysulphate fertilizers. It is a family that is growing. Farmers welcome every new fertilizer member of our family, most recently PotashpluS. This is just the latest example and result of our ongoing development of new crop nutrition products that help farmers provide key nutrients throughout the growing season.

Part of an extended family

Like all families, our Polysulphate family of fertilizers is part of an extended family: the ICL Fertilizers product range. The new brochure, just published, is the equivalent of an extended family album, in which farmers and their advisors can browse the details of Polysulphate along with all the other members of the whole ICL Fertilizers product range.

While Polysulphate is profiled as the founder member of the family, there is a handy table to show how this unique natural fertilizer has given rise to ICL PKpluS and ICL PotashpluS. The brochure also shows how Polysulphate complements Novaphos, PK and NPK and NP fertilizers, as well as potassium chloride and super phosphates.

The new ICL Fertilizers Product Line brochure is now available for download.