Polysulphate in the spotlight at the 20th Nitrogen Workshop

10 July 2018

The 20th Nitrogen Workshop, held recently in France, focused attention on how other nutrients such as those in Polysulphate have beneficial effects on the nitrogen cycle and environmental efficiency.

Linking cycles

Polyhalite fertilizer in the spotlight at the 20th Nitrogen WorkshopThis year’s theme was the interaction between C, P and S cycles and among the presentations at the 2018 Nitrogen Workshop was a poster introducing Polysulphate. The poster Polysulphate - a new multi nutrient fertilizer with sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium - for better nitrogen use efficiency was shared by Patricia Imas (Chief Agronomist for the ICL group) and can be found on the Polysulphate site in the Polysulphate science section.

Global audience gathers latest insights to N use

More than four hundred delegates attended the event in Rennes in north western France, organized by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and Polysulphate was one of the key sponsors. This biennial event brings together specialists in nitrogen (N) cycling from all over the world. During the last forty years the event has broadened from N processes in cropping systems and arable soil to more general agricultural and environmental issues linked to the N cycle.