Polysulphate gains organic approval in The Netherlands

8 June 2017

The Netherlands is the latest country to give approval for standard Polysulphate in organic production.

According to Dutch government statistics, the organic share of the total agricultural area in the country has grown by nearly 10% over the past five years, now reaching about 52,000 hectares.

With standard Polysulphate now registered in the Dutch inputs list it may now be used in Dutch organic farming. In 2016, there were 539 organically managed arable farms in the Netherlands, over 4% up from 2011. The number of organic horticultural farms has increased over that period as well. Organic open-field horticulture in particular recorded growth; the number of farms rose by 7% while the area under organic cultivation had grown by over 40% percent.

The Netherlands is the latest of several countries in Europe to give approval for Polysulphate in organic systems, others include Italy and Germany. Polysulphate use by organic farmers in the United States has grown significantly since it was approved there for organic agriculture.

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