Polysulphate approved for use in organic agriculture in Israel

6 February 2018

Polysulphate Standard and Polysulphate Granular fertilizer is now registered for use in organic farming in Israel.

Already approved for use in organic agriculture in UK, France, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, the addition of accreditation for Polysulphate™ use in organic agriculture in Israel is an important step.

Registration of organic fertilizer

However, acceptance or registration in one country is not enough to ensure accreditation in others. In each country, organic farmers, processors and traders must comply with strict requirements if they want to use an organic accreditation logo or label their products as organic. This means there has to be an equally strict control system with checks carried out before a product is accepted into the system and supply chain.

Truly natural fertilizer

Polysulphate easily meets the criteria for organic use as it is a natural fertilizer product. From mining below ground in Cleveland, UK it is brought up to the surface and simply crushed, screened and bagged ready for transport in the supply chains to farms. There is no chemical separation, or any complex industrial process involved. In Israel there have already been a number of trials of using Polysulphate fertilizer with organic crops. See th the short film below about the advantages of using Polysulphate with bananas.

Growing organic exports

Organic agriculture in Israel is expanding in scale and significance. Organic produce makes up a small proportion, about 1.5%, of Israeli agricultural output. However organic production accounts for over 10% of agricultural exports from Israel, and that proportion is increasing. Israeli organic farmers now have the go ahead to enjoy the benefits of Polysulphate Standard and Polysulphate Granular, two important additional fertilizers in their organic farming systems.

The organic certificate for Israel is now listed on the Polysulphate website along with our other certificates.