Polysulphate: a fresh new logo look

12 July 2018

A new logo for Polysulphate fertilizerA dynamic new Polysulphate logo, developed with care and flair, has been released. Our updated logo reflects the essential values of this multi-nutrient fertilizer as a soluble, easily-absorbed, cost-effective provider of crop nutrition.

Symbolic and resonant

On the right of the logo is a leaf-like symbol representing each of the four nutrients (sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium) in Polysulphate. Each quarter of the leaf shape is like a virtual map pin. This symbolizes the way that ICL’s Polysulphate provides precise and targeted input to the plant and place that needs it. The use of the color yellow represents the sun, the all-important source of energy for life on earth.

Strength to strength

The emboldened font, growing in depth, from the start of the name of our product to the last letter is symbolic of steady and robust crop growth. It represents the crop performance farmers get by choosing to use Polysulphate and this resonates with farmers and their advisors. We decided to retain the shade of green from the predecessor logo as it is still by far the best shade to represent plant growth and healthy yield.

In detail, clever design and symbolism our fresh new logo strengthens the presence of Polysulphate in farmers’ minds and fields worldwide.