More farmers can source Polysulphate with new supply agreements

16 July 2020

More farmers can source Polysulphate with new supply agreements

To meet rising demand for Polysulphate and other Polysulphate-based products, ICL has agreed new supply agreements with fertilizer distributors and manufacturers in China and three countries in Europe.

Strengthened Polysulphate supply chains to farmers in Europe and Asia

In Eastern Europe, farmers in Ukraine will be able to source Polysulphate through fertilizer company Transkhimtrade thanks to a 5 year agreement to supply 350 thousand tonnes. A longer agreement, for 12 years, will mean farmers in Poland in Central Europe will get Polysulphate products from fertilizer company Polcalc Sp z o.o. In South West Europe, it has been agreed to supply Polysulphate for fertilizer production by Fertiberia S.A. in Spain. Finally, an agreement with China ensures regional distributors will have 100 thousand tonnes of product for supply to their farmer customers.

Demand driven by recognition of natural properties of Polysulphate

More and more farmers and their advisors are hearing and seeing the benefits of our Polysulphate fertilizers. Summaries of some of the 600+ ICL field trials with Polysulphate are available in the recently updated Compendium. This growing body of evidence is one of the drivers for farmers’ decisions to choose Polysulphate crop nutrition products because they are effective, natural, offer prolonged multi-nutrient availability, approved for use in organic systems and have a low carbon footprint.

The latest planned expansion of the supply of Polysulphate is part of ICL’s strategy to significantly broaden the availability of Polysulphate products to farmers globally.