New Polysulphate App launched

9 January 2019

The new Polysulphate App is a two-in-one tool that makes creating and comparing fertilizer blends with Polysulphate, and predicting the profit boost from Polysulphate, easier than ever.

Create and compare fertilizer blends with PolyBlend

The new Polysulphate AppTo precisely formulate targeted crop nutrition many farmers choose fertilizer blends. Now, with the PolyBlend tool in the Polysulphate App, a fertilizer blend with Polysulphate can be created and compared easily.

With PolyBlend it is possible to choose from the selection of nineteen crop nutrition ingredients to create new fertilizers with the power of Polysulphate. Crop needs can be matched with a bespoke formulation of targeted, precise crop nutrition solutions for maximum plant productivity and profitability. The different blends created can be compared for nutrient composition and cost per unit.

Predict Polysulphate boost to profits with PolyProfit

The other tool in the Polysulphate App is PolyProfit which predicts the potential increased profits of using Polysulphate on crops.

Enter the crop, cropped area and market value of the harvest expected and it is possible to  compare the crop performance from using a fertilizer program(me) with Polysulphate compared with a blend without Polysulphate.

The Polysulphate App provides a valuable fertilizer toolkit. to create and compare fertilizer blends to maximise yields and predict the profit increase achievable from targeted and precise crop nutrition with Polysulphate.

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