Meet the Polysulphate family

19 July 2018

Our Polysulphate family of fertilizers is growing. To the founder family member, Polysulphate, we added our granular fertilizer ICL PotashpluS™. Now we have welcomed to the family a whole new generation of granular fertilizers, also containing Polysulphate, which we introduce as the ICL PKpluS™ collection.

Supplying the changing fertilizer demand

Fertilizer demand is changing. Worldwide an increasing proportion of farmers want precision nutrition in their fields to achieve sustainable, profitable yields. Growers want to apply exactly what their crops need, at the perfect time and to know that the nutrients will have prolonged availability for uptake right through the growing season. With the Polysulphate family of fertilizers, the era of practical and effective contemporary alternatives to conventional regimes has begun.

Matching crop needs, soil types and systems

For four essential nutrients - S, K, Mg and Ca - Polysulphate hits the right spot. But where an additional nutrition is needed then ICL PotashpluS, our formulation of potash and Polysulphate, can be the answer. For crops where a bespoke high P, balanced P and K or high K is preferred then we offer a choice from the ICL PKpluS collection, where Polysulphate is formulated with other nutrients to suit precise needs.


You can find the Polysulphate family of fertilizers succinctly introduced on the website. Backed with ICL technical support and advice, our whole family is delivering crop nutrition at a whole new high level of service and standard.