Major crop nutrition event in China has the feelgood factor

18 November 2019

Major crop nutrition event in China has the feelgood factor

The largest collection so far this year of evidence, practical experience and feelgood factors of the positive benefits of polyhalite – as Polysulphate – and potash has just been shared at a major crop nutrition event in China.

Finding balance in crop nutrition

The 13th IPI-CAU-ISSAS International Symposium with the theme Potash and Polyhalite: Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium and Calcium for Efficient Balanced Plant NutritionThe theme of the 13th IPI-CAU-ISSAS International Symposium was “Potash and Polyhalite: Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium and Calcium for Efficient Balanced Plant Nutrition”. More than 300 professionals including farmer advisors, academics and fertilizer retailers, from China and other parts of the world, attended the three-day event in Kunming. It was organized by the International Potash Institute (IPI) together with Chinese Agricultural University (CAU) and the Institute of Soil Science of Chinese Academy of Science (ISSAS). Evidence was presented from research into the benefits of balanced plant nutrition in China and other countries including Brazil, India, USA, Switzerland, Israel and UK.

Local, regional and global enthusiasm for balanced nutrition

The many Chinese delegates were joined by representatives from crop academia and fertilizer supply chains from several continents. There was content of interest for everyone.

Hillel Magen director of the International Potash Institute presents the opening session of the polyhalite symposium“The IPI conference in China was very refreshing and educative.”, said Dr. Lilian Wanjiru Mbuthia, ICL Agronomist (Kenya) and International Potash Institute (IPI) Coordinator for SSA/Eastern Africa. “There was lots of both scientific and practical information on potassium, calcium, sulphur and magnesium. There’s a lot we can learn from [in China] and use in East Africa: great interactions with both the scientist and field agronomists.”

Fueling agronomy in China and beyond

Another agri-professional enthusing about the event in Kunming is Dr. Francisco Morell, ICL Agronomist for Europe. “The 2019 IPI conference was an inspiring event” he explains. “Field trials are demonstrating that polyhalite is an effective source of potassium, as well as magnesium, calcium and sulphate, across a wide range of agroecosystems worldwide, for balanced crop nutrition.”

Taking lessons from the Symposium back to his students in Vietnam is lecturer Dr. Toan Tranduc. “I learned a lot from presentations about the effect of polyhalite on crops. Vietnam is still poor. We really desire to not only increase crop yields but also product quality; in which case polyhalite is one of the promising solutions.”

Pleasure in promoting Polysulphate

Interest in the benefits of polyhalite fertiliser for cropsPolysulphate is a relatively new product in China. However, with the growing awareness of the effective nutrition it delivers for a wide range of crops, demand is rapidly increasing. Fertilizer retailers came to the Kunming Symposium to add to what they know but also to share their experiences in supplying it to their farmer customers. Amir Gerber, FertilizerpluS Marketing Manager at ICL Fertilizers, was particularly interested to hear what they had to say.

“Polysulphate development in the Chinese market is really inspiring. I was very impressed from what one of our biggest customers from Yunnan province said when he explained how it ‘feels better in the heart’ to promote this natural and environmental-friendly fertilizer".