ICL mine prepared for increased Polysulphate sales

10 August 2018

ICL mine prepared for increased Polysulphate sales

With demand for Polysulphate predicted to increase dramatically in the next two decades, the ICL Boulby mine in the UK supplying the polyhalite for our Polysulphate family of products is entering a new era of production.

Meeting global increasing demand

The polyhalite from the seam deep underground is a perfect multi-nutrient fertilizer. According to ICL Boulby’s General Manager, Andrew Fulton mine output will increase to meet global demand, “We’ve seen demand for Polysulphate grow exponentially in the last couple of years and expect sales to reach a million tonnes per year by 2020 and up to three million tonnes per year by 2030.

New member of the Polysulphate product family arrives

ICL President and Chief Executive Officer, Raviv Zoller, on a visit to the mine praised the efforts of all those involved in the transition. Loading the first batch of PotashpluS to be processed, he introduced it as one of a range of planned fertilizers being developed by ICL, as part of the "FertilizerspluS" group of products, some of which are based on the advantages of the polyhalite resource produced exclusively at ICL Boulby.

Responding to farmers’ needs

As the world’s only producer of the remarkable multi-nutrient polyhalite mineral, the research and development teams and the international network of sales and support staff are closely matching Polysulphate fertilizer products, using polyhalite, to the commercial priorities of farmers and the nutritional needs of their crops.

Currently the Polysulphate family of products is sold in 22 countries on five continents. As more farmers and growers become aware of the versatility, solubility and extended multi-nutrient availability of Polysulphate then sales are set to increase. All the way back along the fertilizer supply chain to ICL Boulby mine, UK the mine is gearing up to meet that demand.