ICL agronomy with Polysulphate in the spotlight

14 August 2019

The work of our ICL agronomists – key providers of advice and guidance to farmers – is being brought into the spotlight. A new short film illustrates the work of one of our agronomists, and shows the testing and sharing of the benefits of Polysulphate fertilizer.

Agronomy: deepening the understanding of crop nutrition

Agronomists are key in developing best practice advice for farmers on choosing and using the best crop nutrition strategies. We have agronomists all over the world and frequently illustrate their work. Recent reports from countries including Tanzania, Indonesia and Brazil show how agronomy is represented in our field demonstrations, launches and experimental trials. Of all our agronomists worldwide, none is closer to the start of the Polysulphate supply chain than the UK’s Scott Garnett.

Up close to the Polysulphate story

From his base, ICL’s Boulby mine on the north east UK coast, Scott Garnett is in close touch with the people and processes that get polyhalite rock from deep below ground up to the surface and on its way as Polysulphate fertilizer to farmers in the UK and all over the world.

A key element of his work is showing how Polysulphate matches the precise nutritional needs of a whole range of crops. “Polysulphate is different from other fertilizers in the market because it actually releases nutrients over a longer period”.

Helping farmers fulfil their crop yield potential

In the film, it’s evident that Scott has the satisfaction of hearing how Polysulphate has increased yield. Farmer Edward Smith, who has used Polysulphate for more than five years on his family farm in eastern England, explains how very happy he is with the results ­– and Polysulphate’s contribution to his farm output. It is providing precise and balanced nutrition across the 64 soil types he works with for the arable production. “Polysulphate is a major part of our fertilizer program now”. He values it for the sulphur it contains along with other key plant nutrients – potassium, magnesium and calcium, adding that “This year, more than any other, we’ve seen an increase in yield”.

The film about ICL Agronomist Scott Garnett is available with our other films on The Polysulphate YouTube Channel.