Growing evidence of how Polysulphate benefits crops

19 March 2018

Evidence from a wide range of crops and countries on the benefits of Polysulphate use are now easily accessible through the Polysulphate experiments resource.

Making science accessible

Using the new experiment browser is quick and easy. A search by crop, by country, or both, reveals the results in the experiment collection on the crop and location of interest. The results have been summarized so that the main details - and findings - are clear to see.

Growing resource

There is research examining the benefits of Polysulphate underway in a growing number of crops and countries. It is an important task to collate the results and add them to our experiments collection in a ready-to-use format.

Research into use

The increasing amount of evidence available from around the world is a reflection of growing international interest in Polysulphate and its benefits to crops. The “Polysulphate experiments” tool is a significant addition to helping farmers and advisors discover the facts they need for their decision-making on crop nutrition.