Growing evidence of benefits of Polysulphate

19 July 2019

Growing evidence of benefits of Polysulphate

Further evidence proving the benefits of using Polysulphate has been released with the latest crop trial results from China and USA with tomatoes, sugarcane, rice and potatoes.

Crop nutrition key to unlocking yield potential

Unlocking genetic potential of crop varieties is essential. Around the world, farmers are scrutinizing the economic and environmental performance of available crop nutrition strategies. There is increasing interest in comparing existing or conventional fertilizer strategy with programs that include Polysulphate. That has been the basis for the many experiments and results already available to browse. Now our experiment library has grown with five more crop trial results.

Growing library of impressive crop trial results

All the latest trials show positive response to Polysulphate. In the US trials, the experiments showed 15% increase in marketable potato yield; 5.5% increase in rice yield; and 4.5% increase in sugarcane yield. In China the trials in Shangqiu showed up to 8.8% increase in tomato yield, while in Zhoukou there was up to 14% increase in tomato yield.

This growing evidence base of the benefits of using Polysulphate can be used to help farmers choose the most nutritionally-effective ways to increase productivity and profitability.