Getting in-depth feel for the Polysulphate potential

30 May 2018

An influential group of international analysts and specialist investors have been impressed by their recent fact-finding visit to the ICL Polysulphate mine at Boulby, UK.

A group of international analysts and specialist investors visit the ICL Polyhalite mine at Boulby, UK, which produces Polysulphate fertilizerThe delegation of fertilizer trade press, commentators and financiers wanted to go beneath the surface of the Polysulphate story to see and hear firsthand the process and the potential of this globally-important crop nutrition product.

Poised for growth

Target growth for ICL’s advanced nutrition programme is to quadruple from $100m to $400m within five years. Polysulphate is key to that, both as a product in itself and also in combination with other nutrients as PotashpluS and PKpluS and NPK fertilizers containing Polysulphate.

Deeply impressed by the Polysulphate story

No-one leaves the ICL Boulby mine without being deeply impressed by the processes and professionalism in Polysulphate production. As the first and only producer of polyhalite, which is what Polysulphate consists of, there is a clear production advantage. Added to that there is ICL’s strong presence in global fertilizer markets and considerable investment in new Polysulphate-based products for the semi-specialty sector.

The delegation left ICL’s Polysulphate mine impressed by the narrative of the Polysulphate story so far and much more aware of the opportunities and challenges in the next chapter.