Compendium published of field trials of benefits of Polysulphate fertilizer

29 May 2020

Compendium published of field trials of benefits of Polysulphate fertilizer

Evidence from around the world of the benefits of Polysulphate fertilizer for a wide range of crops is now published in the comprehensive Compendium of FertilizerpluS Field Trials.

Weighty evidence of benefits of Polysulphate

The weight of evidence is impressive. The work of more than sixty field trials are summarized in the 76-page compendium. They compare the benefits of applying Polysulphate or PotashpluS with farmers’ usual practice, controls or other treatments.

Counting up countries and crops

Countries from Argentina to Vietnam are represented with 15 more nations along the alphabetical way. For crops, the list starts with banana and ends with wheat and has 20 other crops in between.

Proof of gains through experimentation

For each experiment in the Compendium there is a handy summary: when the trial took place, where, what crop and with which soil type. Also, for each experiment the objective is clearly stated and there’s a useful summary of the trial’s treatment(s) and results.

Thirty field trials report up to 10% crop yield increase from using Polysulphate or a Polysulphate product such as PotashpluS, twenty up to 20%, six up to 30%, and 10 describe up to 50% yield increase. At the top end, there are four trials reporting over 60% improvement. One of these is the impressive 82% increase in pomegranate productivity on 10-year-old trees in China. Another is the 95% increase in strawberry productivity in Colombia at a dose of 10g Polysulphate per plant.

More than just more yield

Yield is not the only result measured in many of the field trials. Crop quality benefits are also mentioned. The return on investment is also assessed in some of the trials. For example, in Vietnam a 98% net benefit improvement to farmer income was achieved with Polysulphate application on peanuts. An additional profit of up to €273/ha is reported in Netherlands when Polysulphate is used on mixed pasture.

Across the crop spectrum and across continents, report after report in the Compendium of FertilizerpluS Field Trials gives evidence of the benefits seen from Polysulphate application on roots, fruits, tubers, grains, vegetables, legumes and salads.

Feel free to browse the Compendium of FertilizerpluS Field Trials yourself.