Bringing sulphur center stage at special ICL UK event

20 December 2019

Sulphur is a nutrient rising in significance to many farmers. In the UK, representatives from the fertilizer supply chain recently had the opportunity to hear the latest evidence of the role of sulphur, the rising incidence of deficiency and the benefits of choosing and using a precise and balanced crop nutrition strategy with a sulphur fertilizer such as Polysulphate.

Gathering people and evidence

The event was the first technical conference dedicated entirely to sulphur arranged by ICL UK. The one-day gathering – attended by over 75 agronomists, farmers and researchers – heard from a wide range of specialist researchers and advisors.

As well as information from ICL UK’s own work on Polysulphate-based products, the participants were given insights into a range of independent trials investigating benefits of Polysulphate, PotashpluS and PKpluS from ICL Fertilizers as a reliable source of sulphur.

Benefits of Polysulphate as sulphur fertilizer

It is always worth being reminded of the important role of sulphur. In addition, it is important to hear evidence of the benefits of balanced crop nutrition that includes sulphur.

The conference was briefed by a wide range of speakers including Professor Steve McGrath (Head of the Department for Sustainable Agricultural Sciences at Rothamsted Research, UK), Jonathan Telfer (Head of Lancrop Laboratories), Dr Tanya Curtis (Curtis Analytics), Peter Scott (Technical Director for Origin Fertilisers UK and Ireland), Tom Land (Fertiliser Manager for Agrii UK), Dr Apostolos Papadopoulos (Research and Development Manager at Crop Intellect), Andrew Stillwell (Technical Sales Manager for Bartholomews Agri Food Ltd) and Scott Garnett, Head of Agronomy for ICL UK and Ireland.

Numerous benefits of using Polysulphate as a sulphur fertilizer were described, from improved crop establishment and increased yield response, to better control of the final grain nitrogen content of malting barley and enhanced quality parameters. These resulted in better returns to the grower.

Shifting to sulphur fertilizer strategies

The importance of pre-season soil testing to assess sulphur levels was stressed. But sulphur tests need not end there. In-season leaf and tissue analysis can check whether nutrients are deficient. Post-season grain analysis to evaluate efficiency of nutrient use and content provides additional information to farmers and growers. Knowledge is one stage, but action is what – in sustainable crop productivity – counts.

The ICL UK Sulphur event heard plenty of examples of Polysulphate and other sulphur products from the ICL Fertilizerplus line, such as PotashpluS and PKpluS, being used in many more UK fertilizer recommendations.