Balanced fertilization for better crops with ICL PKpluS

28 August 2018

Balanced fertilization for better crops with the ICL PKpluS product range

The benefits, characteristics and uses of ICL PKpluS fertilizers are all now neatly summarized in a new Best way to ensure balanced fertilization brochure which is available for download.

Delivering precision nutrition from start to finish

More and more farmers want to formulate precise crop nutrition strategies which fulfil plant needs for nutrients in the right way and at the right time for each phase of growth. The new PKpluS brochure shows the numerous ways in which this granulated fertilizer is truly fit for contemporary crop nutrition.

Getting ahead of crop needs

Applied before planting, ICL PKpluS fertilizer provides the balanced supply of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) essential in activating germination and stimulating root development plus a wide range of secondary elements such as sulphur, magnesium and calcium for robust development over time.

Three ways to cut nitrogen waste

By separating ICL PKpluS from nitrogen (N) application, farmers can choose to use N later. But only if needed by the crop, only at the right time for the plant and only in the right weather conditions, avoiding N overdosing or leaching.

Formulations available

To further enable farmers and nutrition advisors to fine-tune their nutrient management plans, ICL PKpluS is available in a range of different formulae. For example, best plant establishment is achieved with high P PKpluS. Extra crop quality is assured with high K PKpluS. The formulation that meets crop requirements and matched soil fertility level can be tailor-made ready for application.

For all this information and more download the ICL PKpluS fertilizer brochure.