ICL PotashpluS<sup>®</sup>

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ICL PotashpluS

ICL PotashpluS® is a new granular fertilizer produced exclusively by ICL in the UK. It is formulated using a combination of potash (MOP, KCl) and Polysulphate.

While primarily a potash and sulphate fertilizer, PotashpluS also contains essential magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca), and supplies all potassium (K) and sulphur (S) crop requirements in a single application.

The formula is 37% K2O, 9% S (24% SO3), 3% MgO and 8% CaO. In addition, PotashpluS contains boron. The S, Mg and Ca in PotashpluS is in 100% sulphate (SO4) form.

Principle advantages of PotashpluS include:

  • multi-nutrient supplying K, but also S (for protein and oil formation), Mg (for high photosynthesis potential) and Ca (for strong, high-quality crops) all in the same application
  • the Polysulphate component means lower chloride content in PotashpluS compared with MOP
  • high S content of PotashpluS ensures the healthy growth of all crops, and canola, wheat, legumes and grassland in particular – all of which should be fertilized with S
  • the addition of Polysulphate technology ensures a continual supply of S throughout the crop cycle and reduces the risk of S leaching into sandy soils, especially under high levels of precipitation
  • provides vital Mg to support crop yield and quality – of particular importance now that soil Mg deficiency is becoming increasingly widespread