Trial sheets on benefits of Polysulphate reach record high

24 February 2021

Trial sheets on benefits of Polysulphate reach record high

A flurry of new trial results – with different crops in many parts of the world – are summarized and published on the Polysulphate experiments section of the website.

Making real world comparisons

Some of the latest trial results added to our experiments section are from countries as diverse as Malaysia, Italy, Brazil, Indonesia and Israel. In many of these trials, the comparison is made between the results (yield and quality) from what farmers usually do to nourish their crops compared with a better, more balanced fertilizer strategy with Polysulphate. And there’s good news.

Meticulous measurements matter

In all these experiments with Polysulphate, the benefits measured are multi-faceted. Crop after crop show boosts to yield and quality, but also better disease-resistance and return on investment to farmers. If you are interested to find out more, browse all these new results with tomato, watermelon, lettuce, potato, rice and alfalfa. These recently-added additions bring the total number of trial summaries on the benefits from Polysulphate to 78, measured in 20 countries and 40 crops.

Matching evidence

Our experience is that while we may assure farmers, growers, and their advisors of the benefits of including our Polysulphate in their crop nutrition strategy, they will often be very interested to hear evidence from nutrition trials in their crop, in a growing system similar or the same as theirs and, even better still, in their country or region.

Good as these new trial summaries are, it is of course, not just the results themselves that are important. Their significance lies in the difference they will help farmers make to their fertilizer strategy that matters most of all.