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Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), variety NO.4 Zhengfen

Soil Type

Fluvisol (fluvo-aquic soil)


Transplanting: April 2016
Harvest: July 2016


Yield, number of fruits per plant, and fruit weight

Polysulphate application significantly increased tomato yields when compared to farmer practice, with an average yield increase of 14%


Zhoukou, Henan province, China.


To evaluate the addition of Polysulphate and sulphate of potash (SOP) to the farmers’ practice on the yield and yield parameters of tomato crop grown in Henan Province, China.


This randomized complete block trial consisted of three replicates with three treatments.

  1. Farmer practice,
  2. Farmer practice + 750 kg/ha of SOP, and
  3. Farmer practice + 750 kg/ha of Polysulphate.

Farmer practice consisted of applying 7.5 ton/ha organic fertilizer as base-fertilizer. In addition, there were 4 topdressings of 240 kg/ha of urea during the whole growth period.


  • Polysulphate application led to an increase in the number of fruits per plant, and an increase in fruit weight.
  • Compared with SOP application, the average yield in the treatment with Polysulphate increased by 8.84 ton/ha (yield increase of 11.6%).
  • Polysulphate application significantly increased yields as compared with farmer practice: the average yield when treated with Polysulphate increased by 14%.


Average tomato yield when fertilized with Polysulphate increased by 14%