The Science behind Polysulphate

Polysulphate science

Polysulphate is a powerful natural fertiliser which delivers dependable high value, for low environmental impact. The value of Polysulphate (polyhalite) on crops is frequently examined in scientific research. The research demonstrates the impact this natural mineral fertilizer can have on a range of crops in countries around the world.

Our compendium of Polysulphate research highlights a number of these research activities, and their outcomes.

Research papers

Compendium of Polysulphate™ scientific research

Introducing Polyhalite to Brazil: First Steps of a New Fertilizer

Use of Polyhalite as a Source of Sulfur for Oilseed Rape and Winter Wheat in France

Bioefficacy of Polyhalite Application on Yield and Quality of Cabbage and Cauliflower

Effects of Polyhalite as a Fertilizer on Yield and Quality of the Oilseed Crops Mustard and Sesame
English | Chinese

Polyhalite Application Improves Tea (Camillia sinensis) Yield and Quality in Vietnam

Nutrient Uptake and Yield Response to Polysulphate By Different Crops

Polyhalite Application Improves Coffee (Coffea robusta) Yield and Quality in Vietnam

Agronomic Efficiency of Polyhalite Application on Peanut Yield and Quality in Vietnam

Scientific posters

Evaluation of Polyhalite as a Fertilizer Influencing Yield and Health in Cabbage Crop
English | Portuguese

Dissolution Rate of Selected Sulphur Fertilizers; Understanding Selenate – Sulphate Competition

Movimentação de cálcio e magnésio no perfil do solo com uso de Polihalita na adubação potássica da soja
English | Portuguese