Understanding Polysulphate: the solubility story in film

8 August 2016

We have added another set of films to the Polysulphate YouTube channel. The new collection, Understanding Polysulphate, shares the scientific understanding of how and why Polysulphate™ fertilizer works so effectively in the soil to provide nutrition through its solubility. 

Bitesize science

The topic of solubility is a big one. However we have divided the research results about the solubility into five short films. As well as the introduction to our research, there is the story of comparing standard versus granular, how soon the nutrients are released, the effect of rainfall on surface applied Polysulphate.

Shortcut to knowledge

Some, of course, may prefer a shortcut. We’ve thought of that too. There’s a summary film - short and sweet - of the main findings of the research or the main message from each of the films.

The nature of Polysulphate nurtures the crop

Whichever way the Understanding Polysulphate film series is viewed - whether as the whole collection, from time to time, or only the shortcut - it does not matter to us. The important thing is that the story of the nature of Polysulphate and how it works to nurture potential yield in the crop is shared. That’s what counts.