Polyhalite in spotlight at symposium in China

25 September 2017

An IPI (International Potash Institute) symposium on polyhalite, the first of its kind in China, will take place at the end of October in the Chinese province of Hainan.

Understanding science of polyhalite

The 1st IPI Symposium on Polyhalite, "A New Potassium Fertilizer with Complete Secondary Nutrients" will bring together an impressive range of speakers both from within China and from other parts of the world. They will share the science of polyhalite in order to deepen understanding of what polyhalite is and, importantly, how it behaves in the soil to consistently release key nutrients for uptake by crops.

From IPI Switzerland, Hillel Magen will set the scene by giving a global view of typical crop responses to polyhalite in various agro-climatic regions of the world. This overview will be followed by a full program of presentations by research teams from important Chinese universities and other institutions. They will share the results of latest studies investigating the science of polyhalite.

Deepening understanding of role of polyhalite in enhancing productivity

The power of polyhalite in the production of a wide range of crops - whether leaf, grain or fruit - will be illustrated. Research work investigating the use of polyhalite in crops in China including tobacco, tea, oilseed rape, honey pomelo, apples, tomatoes and maize will be reported on.

If you are interested in attending this event then online registration for the conference is open. Details of the symposium program are also available.

IPI to hold 1st Symposium on Polyhalite - natural fertilizer