From highlands to lowlands there is Polysulphate advice in Amharic

18 July 2016

Language should be no barrier to hearing the Polysulphate story. So we are delighted that the world’s Amharic speakers now have their own version of our advisory Polysulphate leaflet. Good fertilizer use will contribute towards the development of agriculture in Ethiopia.

Providing support to Ethiopian agriculture
Agriculture is the foundation of the Ethiopian economy. It generates half of the annual national gross domestic product, more than 80% of exports and provides employment for 80% of the national workforce.

Ethiopia rising
This part of the horn of Africa is attracting a lot of interest, assistance and inward investment. According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, Ethiopia is now one of the top performing economies in sub-Saharan Africa, registering an average growth rate of 11 per cent over the last seven years. Some of the change is happening on the ground in farmers’ teff, coffee, chickpea, sesame, wheat and maize fields.

Fertilizer to kickstart crop health, productivity and economic growth
Growth in farm productivity, seen as a key driver of development, is possible with the careful, targeted use of a balanced fertilizer such as Polysulphate. From the application of Polysulphate at the right time there is improved yield and competitiveness for the farm business, greater job security for the rural workforce and improved food security for the nation.

Our new Polysulphate leaflet in Amharic is now available for download. We hope it will be enjoyed and used by the 26 million Amharic speakers within Ethiopia as well as those who live in Egypt and Eritrea. Whichever language you use it’s clear that there is a lot of potential to get farming in good, productive and sustainable shape.