Focusing global attention on the role of fertilizers

10 October 2016

Fertilizers are taken for granted. But on Global Fertilizer Day this month the plan is to pull plant nutrition into the spotlight and raise awareness of the vital role that fertilizers, like Polysulphate, have in sustaining our human population.

Fingertip fertilizer facts

Fertilizer facts are impressive: fertilizers account for 50% of global food production; in 1960 one hectare of land fed two people, by 2025 the same size piece of land will need to feed five. These and other fascinating facts about fertilizer have been collated.

From small detail to the big picture

Bitesize facts help but there is also an interesting five minute animated film about fertilizers and how they will continue to be essential. It introduces not just the importance of fertilizer itself, but the importance of using the right blend of fertilizer, in the right amount, in the right place and at the right time.

Celebrating fertilizer as a crucial invention

The launch of Global Fertilizer Day, is in London on October 13th 2016, when international agriculture professionals meet to celebrate fertilizers and creatively discuss global food security.

And why 13th October? It marks the anniversary of the discovery of ammonia synthesis in 1908, by Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch and is hoped to highlight the contribution that fertilizers have, and will continue to make to society.

Every day is fertilizer day

Meanwhile, around the world, as always, farmers will be choosing and using fertilizer to help produce the next harvest. Polysulphate - and how it perfectly provides the plant nutrition crops need - is certainly part of the Global Fertilizer story.

From morning until night-time, at every meal, consumers enjoy the foods produced from with the use of fertilizers like Polysulphate. In that way, every day is fertilizer day.