Polysulphate at a glance

27 May 2016

We thought it's time to show you the story of Polysulphate at a glance. Our new Polysulphate infographic is available for download.

There's more information about agriculture available now than ever before. Advice and facts on every facet of farming is accessible in print and, increasingly, online. Farmers and their advisors have so much at their fingertips. But sometimes it is hard to get the simple facts.

Fortunately for us - and all the farmers around the world we supply - the Polysulphate story is simple. Our unique, natural fertilizer is carefully mined and then distributed as a uniquely ready-to-use, perfectly-balanced product.

Yes, we share all the back up detail to support the Polysulphate story. Our website and our newsletters, our fact sheets and our Polysulphate films fill in the detail. However there is something wonderful about the way we have condensed it all down to a colourful infographic.

Polysulphate at glance is ready for you to download, read - and share.