Introducing Polysulphate to China

19 January 2016

Worldwide the Chinese New Year is celebrated with joy and careful tradition, this year on 8th February. We are pleased to share that ICL Fertilizers (ICLF) has extended its information about the Polyhalite fertilizer (Polysulphate) to China through a new publication in Chinese.

The Polysulphate information leaflet explains the versatile and balanced nature of Polysulphate and it allows Chinese to hear direct from German farmer Michael Zapf. Farmer Zapf’s testimony is already the subject of a short film in which he shows how and why he chooses to use this remarkable fertilizer and the benefits it brings to his crops and to his business.

Consistent agricultural strategy in China
Chinese agriculture has undergone a steady transformation towards a market system with inputs such as irrigation, improved seed and fertilizer all supported by the state and by favourable policies. Productivity of staple foods and of export crops have risen dramatically.

Turning to a targeted use of inputs
However in the haste to maximise yields there was heavy reliance on the use of nitrogen fertilizer across all the five agricultural regions and in some instances over-application of unbalanced fertilizer. Now in China, as elsewhere in the world, there is much greater awareness of the need for careful soil testing and the use of balanced fertilizer, precisely and efficiently.

Farming with precision
The Chinese New Year, otherwise known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is a time to celebrate, according to carefully calibrated rites and rituals. But the literal meaning of the Chinese characters for this festival is the Agricultural New Year. So we could not have picked a better time than the start of the farming calendar to share information about the careful use of Polysulphate so that we can contribute to what we hope will be a very successful farming year indeed, in China and everywhere else.