Introduzione al Polysulphate
Polyhalite è un nuovo fertilizzante organico con zolfo e potassio, magnesio e calcio immediatamente disponibili.
Ha una serie di importanti vantaggi, garantendo una maggiore resa e qualità delle colture per gli agricoltori. Polysulphate è prodotto e venduto solo da ICL Fertilizers.
Questo fertilizzante unico è adatto anche per le colture sensibili al cloro.

Polysulphate: An Agronomist's view (Inglese)
Polyhalite is a new 4-in-1 organic fertilizer, produced and sold only by ICL as Polysulphate. Hillel Magen, the Vice President for Agronomy at ICL Fertilizers, shares some of the key benefits of this new natural crop fertilizer.

Testimonianze Polysulphate

Investigating the benefits of Polysulphate for bananas (Inglese)
We visit an organic banana farmer in Southern Israel to find out why and how they are investigating the benefits of Polysulphate fertiliser on the banana crop.

Polysulphate in practice in the UK (Inglese)
Luke Paterson, a farmer from North Walsham, Norfolk in the UK discusses how he uses Polysulphate on his farm. The farm is a mixed farm growing winter wheat, spring barley, winter barley, Oil seed rape and sugar beet.

A farmer's experience with Polysulphate (Inglese)
Michael Zapf, a farmer from Kandel in Germany is one of a growing number of farmers who use Polysulphate on his crops. He explains how he uses it on the farm, and some of the many benefits that he see from it's use.

Demonstration of soybean with and without Polysulphate
This short clip filmed on a farm close to Piraju, São Paulo state, Brazil, shows how soybean fertilised with Polysulphate is bigger and a better quality than soybean without Polysulphate.

Increasing tomato crop profit with Polysulphate - a farmer’s experience from Israel

Increasing tomato crop profit with Polysulphate - a farmer’s experience from Israel (Inglese)
Gabay Rachamim farms Ikram tomatoes from his 25 hectares of greenhouses in Israel. He explains how Polysulphate fertilizer saves him time and materials, increasing farm profit.

Eventi Polysulphate

Polysulphate Fertilizer featured on China Agriculture and Forestry TV

Polysulphate Fertilizer featured on China Agriculture and Forestry TV
Over a period of three days, from the 4th to 6th November 2016, we shared the science as well as the practical application of our Polysulphate fertilizer at The China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer exhibition. Here is China Agriculture and Forestry TV's feature on the event.

A proposito di ICL

ONE ICL (Inglese)
ICL is a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals that fulfill humanity’s essential needs. Watch ICL’s President & CEO, Mr. Stefan Borgas, presenting the company’s unique business model, its “next step forward” strategy and its goals.