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A new granular sulphate fertiliser for better crops

Polysulphate™ from Cleveland Potash is a new naturally occurring mineral fertiliser containing the sulphates of potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is a complex crystal product which has been discovered at a depth of 1300 metres in the Cleveland Potash mine in the UK and is found in few other places in the world.

Nutrients are fully available to plants

Extensive trial work has confirmed that the principal nutrients of sulphate, potash and magnesium in Polysulphate are fully available to plants, performing in trials with the same plant-efficiency as standard sources of potassium and magnesium sulphate.

Polysulphate is available as a 2-4 mm granular fertiliser product which can be applied as a straight fertiliser or can be used in blends. Polysulphate is also available as standard grade, ideal for use in compound fertiliser manufacturing.

Polysulphate has these minimum contents of:

  Sulphur48% SO3 as sulphate
  Potassium14% K2O as from potassium sulphate
  Magnesium6% MgO as from magnesium sulphate 
  Calcium17% CaO as from calcium sulphate 

Polysulphate is a low chloride fertiliser, and being a natural product with no chemical processing makes it suitable as an organic source of nutrients.

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Polysulphate™ is a trade mark of Cleveland Potash Ltd.

Polysulphate - the granular sulphate fertiliser
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